The Vizsla Club of Central New England (VCCNE) is the oldest regional chapter of the Vizsla Club of America (VCA), the national parent breed club of The American Kennel Club (AKC).  Originally founded in 1964, the VCCNE continues to dedicate itself to protecting and advancing the interests of this dynamic breed by sponsoring hunting tests, conformation shows, training days, and versatility testing, in addition to operating a highly successful Rescue program.
Our club’s logo illustrates not only the broad geographical range of our membership, but also our long-standing commitment to excellence in the breed.  The club provided the home for DC Futaki Darocz owned by Count Bela Hadik.  Darocz became the breed’s first champion in both show and field in 1965 - and was handled to his field championship by founding club member, Chauncey Smith (aka "Smitty")." Bela Hadik was the VCCNE’s first president and hosted its first field event at his estate in New Hampshire.  In honor of and spanning 50 years, the color photograph to the left is of Ch. Sgt. Pipers Diesel Fuel JH OA NJP NJ CD CGC of Anne Corrigan and Cape East Vizslas. Diesel represents our current clubs versatility in all aspects of our beloved Vizsla Breed. Hopefully this website is a fitting tribute to these individuals and their incredible dogs.  
If you live in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont and are a person newly acquainted with the breed, or a long-time fan, you should consider becoming a member of the VCCNE.   Membership includes not only full membership privileges as defined in the Club's by-laws, but a subscription to the club's newsletter which lists up-coming events and documents member doings.
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