Quinn is doing really well. He has helped me meet a lot of new people from the different dog parks around here. I now live in an apartment and Quinn has gotten use to the elevator and loves meeting all the people around the place.
I've put pictures of us on Facebook going to some of the dogparks around here which are gorgeous. We also hike/walk at least 2-3 miles each day. He goes to Camp Bow Wow a couple of times a week for about 2 hours so he has more socializing, although as a Viszla he is more a people dog and mostly hangs with the guides and not the dogs as much.
I'm not working now so don't have a dog walker. They don't do group dog walks like they do back east which is too bad. That's why I have him go to Camp Bow Wow.
I'm attaching some pictures of us at a couple of different parks and one of Louisville Dog Park without Quinn as the view is amazing.


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Tucker's journey was a long one before he ended up here. His first family purchased him as a puppy, but surrendered him to RESCUE after he snapped at their toddler. RESCUE placed him with a woman who sadly died of cancer a year later. RESCUE re-homed him with a couple who gave wonderful reports for three years then surrendered him to a shelter when he developed severe seperation anxiety. Why they didn't call RESCUE is a mystery, but thankfully the shelter had my name as a RESCUE contact and called me as soon as Tucker arrived. I immediately picked him up. He was 10 yrs old.

I was not sure how I was going to foster this BIG male dog with a history of being aggressive with other dogs and cats in my multipet household...but Tucker surprised us all by settling in fairly easily. Thyroid and anti-anxiety meds and a behavior modification program were started and in time my husband and I decided that Tucker had found his permanent home.

Tucker goes to work with Brian almost every day. He loves the car, tennis balls, swimming in the pond and goofing around with the other dogs in the yard. He will stay on a low level of medication the rest of his life. His breaking out of the house through a window to go look for Brian when I tried to wean him off medication last summer settled that issue! He tolerates the cat and suffers through having his face "groomed" by the chihuahuas. He is a big doofus and we love him.

Lesli and Brian Hyland