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The following breeders have signed the 
VCCNE Breeders Code of Ethics:

Anne Corrigan​
Wendy & Chris Russell
Kim & Mike Barry
Patricia & Ron Folz
Megan Means
Ann Grace
Roberta Mayers-Garrand
Matthew Hill
Tristan Boscardin

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What Questions Should You Ask A Breeder?

- Learn about the health problems of a breed BEFORE you go to a breeder, then ask the question: "What are the health problems in this breed?" If you've done your research, this is a good way to know if a breeder is being honest with you.

- Have both parents been checked for these problems?

- Can I have copies of the certificates and reports?

- What health problems have you in particular encountered over the years?

- What guarantees do you give and under what circumstances?

- What traits did you consider when breeding this litter (temperament, hunting ability, conformation)?

- Will the breeder give references?

- What are the drawbacks or negatives of this breed?

Characteristics of a Responsible Breeder (from the American Kennel Club):

The breeder will carefully select the parents of each litter to emphasize desirable attributes and minimize faults in their progeny.  Responsible breeders will never breed a litter without considering the advancement of the breed.  Another good reason to buy a puppy from a breeder is that gives you the opportunity to interact with the puppy's siblings and dam, also possibly the sire. You can, therefore, form a general impression of what the future holds for the puppy you take home.  Buying from a breeder means that you are part of an extended family.  Most breeders expect a call if the dog has a crisis at any stage in its life, so they can help you understand and cope with the problem. This can be especially comforting for the first time dog owners who can't even imagine what kinds of questions they'll have in the future.  Visit as many breeders as possible for your breed. Examine the premises to make sure they are clean and that the dogs appear to be well cared for. Puppies should be clean, well fed, lively and friendly, without any signs of illness such as runny nose or eyes, skin sores, or dirty ears or fleas.

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