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Celebrating Over 50 years 
of the 
Versatile Vizsla
         September 14 2019 Double Header VCCNE Fall Hunt Test 

                       Click here for Running order for Saturdays Hunt Test

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Dear Participants and Judges,

Thank you for joining us at the VCCNE Fall Hunt Test at Sharpes Farm, Hopkinton NH. We have a good deal of dogs to get run, so we plan on starting promptly.  
For the morning, both Junior Hunter AM and Master Hunter AM is not before 7:30AM EST - with Senior AM to follow Master AM. In the afternoon, Master PM will not start before 12:00PM EST - Senior PM to follow Master PM, and Junior PM will start after the second brace of Master PM.  

The weather outlook is a chance of precipitation and a high of seventy, please bring appropriate attire. There is no potable water source on sight, so please bring extra water for your dogs, we will have limited water available.  
Food will be available onsite, Pastries and Coffee for Breakfast and Burger, Hotdogs, and Veggie Burgers and sides for lunch. We kindly request a donation to help cover food costs.

Please see the running order attached to this email. If you have any questions, please contact us at or by phone at 413-687-7660 or 617-592-2488.  

We look forward to seeing you and your dogs!

The Hunt Test Committee