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Darocz - the breed’s first champion in both show and field in 1965.  He was handled to his field championship by founding club member, Chauncey Smith (aka "Smitty").
Rich + Adrienne's Khumbu
Bella & Fruska
In loving memory of Bingo
Kira and Seti
Baron and Stephanie
Team Widdershins: Kyler & Momo
Belle at speed
Baron -- CVVC Hunting Dog Excellent champion, June 2007, aged 10yrs old!
In loving memory of Nike, at 12yrs old with his first pheasant
Kim + 'Nutball' -- Forestking's Upland Tsunami, aka. Rogue
Bella & Ollie
In loving memory of Bingo
In loving memory of Luke
Baron after a successful day out
Sibling rivalry: Bella & Ollie
Ella and Rich
Lucy and the ribbons from her first trial
Chestnut learning the tunnel at the VCCNE Fun Day, August 29th, 2009
One big happy vizsla family at the VCCNE Fun Day, August 29th, 2009
Much happier Rescue dogs at the VCCNE Fun Day, August 29th, 2009
Schooner -- successful Rescue dog!
Boomer -- successful Rescue dog!
Rick + Mary Ellen's Baci kissing one of their llamas, Apricot
Anne Corrigan's Diesel after a productive day afield this fall.
Beamer -- successful Rescue dog!
Josie -- successfully Rescued with her new best friend, Buzz.
Happy red-dogs frolicking at the Leyden WMA (Leyden, MA), at the first VCCNE Viz-Whizz, 15th May 2010
Happy red-dogs and their owners at the first VCCNE Viz-Whizz, 15th May 2010, Leyden WMA
Happy reunited littermates, Calli + Maple, at the first VCCNE Viz-Whizz, 15 May 2010
Happy vizslas and owners on a beautiful day at the Leyden WMA for the first VCCNE Viz-Whizz, 15 May 2010
Mike + Joe Florino bringing their new pup, Woody, to socialize at the VCCNE Versatility, August 14th, 2010.
Vizsla mayhem featuring Phee, Bounce, Rayne, and Maple at the VCCNE Versatility, August 14th, 2010.
Denise with Rayne, doing what vizslas love, sitting on their owners -- with Cedar, Rogue, Baron + Roxie in the background -- at the VCCNE Versatility, August 14th, 2010.
Baron (L) and Roxie (R) showing both their versatility as gun dogs and their very soft mouths after the VCCNE Versatility, August 14th, 2010.
Debra Loomis's CH Windy Hollow Long Story winning the Best Veteran in Sweeps class at the VCCNE Specialty, Augusst 10th, 2010
Patsy Dahlinghaus handling Carol & Bruce Phelp's Vela to her win as Best of Opposite Sex for Veterans at the VCCNE Specialty Show, August 10th, 2010
Julie Smith with Widdershins Skypoint Capo, Best in Sweeps for Puppy, at the VCCNE Specialty Show, August 8th, 2010
Grandmother and grandson, Tess and Killian, win Select Bitch and Select Dog at the VCCNE Specialty on August 8th, 2010, earning 3pts each towards their Grand Champion titles.
Jozsi on fine form hunting quail, October 2010
Cosmo was purchased as a pup by a family unable to meet his needs and had developed some behavioral issues by the time the family called us in.  His rehabilitation began in foster and continued in his adoptive home.  Thank you to Richard and Karen for welcoming this boy into their family.
Rusty came into rescue as a puppy with some social and physical challenges.  His rehabiliation began in foster and continues in his adoptive home.  He is a sweet, affectionate young Vizsla who has made himself a home in MA.
Thank You Marcey!
Beezley is a challenging dog who was given too little exercise, attention and direction resulting in her becoming a compulsive gulper of non-food items! Her new family keeps a very close watch on her. She is loved and cared for with dedication and diligence in VT by John and Ellen!
Lady, now Sadie is a fantastic, social Vizsla cross puppy who came into Rescue with her Mom, a Vizsla.  Sadie is enjoying plenty of attention, exercise and love from her new family in Maine!  She has 3 kids and another dog to keep her busy!
Thanks  Sarah and Andrew!
Remi was surrendered to Rescue with her mixed breed puppy Lady by an overwhelmed family with young children and little time for the dogs.  Remi is now an "only child" and is being lavished with attention by a Vizsla savvy owner in MA
Thank You Florrie!
Fugi is now called Sydney and is enjoying her new family's two homes in Boston and Nova Scotia!  This pup was found running stray in VT and ended up at a shelter.  Now she is one lucky puppy!
Thank You Priscilla and John!
Szarka is loved by her new family in NH.  She is getting along great with both her new canine brother and the child in the household.  Szarka has some medical issues that involve extra care and we were thankful to find such an accomodating family!  Thanks Gary and Julie!
Happy in his new home with Gail and Ken!  Cooper is their 3rd Rescue Vizsla from VCCNE!
Timber 2005 - 2013

Behind the scenes at this years Specialty Show held at Wheelock Park in Keene, NH.  It was a beautiful day for some Beautiful Vizslas, owners and handlers.  We also held a successful club raffle.  Remember to join us in 2014 for this event.
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2013 VCCNE Double Header Hunt

Another Beautiful weekend for a VCCNE event.  The Double Header Hunt test was a Great event shared with the Mayflower GSP Club.  Congratulations to all the Entrants and Join us next year for this wonderful Vizsla event.