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July 2014 -  We are now in the process of planning the Fall Double Header Hunt Test with the Mayflower GSP club, set for September 6 & 7 2014 at the Frances Crane conservation area in Falmouth, MA.  This year marks 50 years of the VCCNE Hunt program.  Also, we have secured the location for the VCCNE 50th Anniversary Fun Day to be held at the 4H Middlesex County Fairgrounds in Westford, MA on Sunday October 12th.  Continue to check this area out and the Events page for further details on both of these Events.  A Specialty show event is in the works for Spring 2015 and we will make further announcements on that as they become available.

March 2014 - click here for the Spring 2014 club Newsletter The next Board Meeting coming up we will be discussing some up coming events including a Spring Fun Day, an informal meet and greet that we had to postpone from february due to inclement weather and also planning something for our Clubs 50th.  We need the members help in coming up with ideas for club activities along with locations to hold club events and gatherings.  Please use the CONTACT US Button above to share your ideas.

November - February 2013-14
It has been a long cold winter for Pups and Humans alike.  We attempted to hold a Red Hearts Red Dogs meet and greet on February 16th to break up the winter for our club members and get to know each other and share ideas. Unfortunately the weather and travel conditions didn't cooperate and we were forced to cancel last minute.  The Board is now working behind the scenes to reschedule that event along with another Fun Day for the Spring.  We are also, during this lull in activity looking to our membership to help with organizing, suggesting and implementing events and gatherings either for the whole club, covering VT, MA, NH and ME or events in your local area.  We would love some input.  Also, unfortunately it has come to our attention that we will not be able to have our Specialty Show this year in August in Keene, NH so we are looking at other options to hold our specialty show.  Input in this matter would also be helpful.  So we will continue on toward Spring with planning for 2014 Our 50th Club year.

October 2013
Fall Newsletter link We held a Great Fun Day at Steele Farm in Boxborough, Ma...all the dogs had a great time running an playing and enjoying the beautiful Fall day in New England.  Thanks to all your donations of food, raffle items and funds to support the Club.  Looking forward to a Spring Fun Day 2014.

September 2013
Once again the club held a successful Hunt Test in Falmouth.  It was a beautiful weekend for the event and we had many successful dogs at all levels of ability.  Kudos to all and thanks to all of the VCCNE members who made this a great event.

August 2013
After a successful specialty show earlier this month, we are now gearing up for the Double Header Hunt Test taking place in Falmouth, MA Sept 7th & 8th. Click here for event Premiums, spots are still available for your dog.  We are also finalizing plans for the Oct 6th VCCNE Club Lunch and Learn at the Old Yarmouth Inn in Yarmouth, MA.  Watch for announcements on reserving a spot in Early September for this Event.  We hope to offer this type of non-dog educational event twice per year going forward so lets make it a success.  The Board is also, investigating a location for a Fun Day for mid-late October.  Will provide further details in the next few weeks.  Seeking Member Brags for the website and Newsletters so if you are proud of your V's accomplishment in show, hunt, agility, service or in their family life send us a photo and brief write up to be added to our Member Gallery or Brag.

July 2013
This Sunday August 4th is the VCCNE Specialty Show held in conjunction with the Cheshire Kennel Club. The event is being held at Wheelock Park Keene, NH.  Several of the Board Members will be in attendance and would love to meet some of the members attending.  We will be having booth with many raffle items, membership information, rescue information and applications. It is not too late to send in your membership application or renewal for the 2013/14 club year.  We received a lot of input from members about what they would like to see for the club.  The Board is meeting on a regular basis to improve the club and make it a more all inclusive Vizsla whether you are a Specialty show fan, a Hunter, agility, a Breeder or just a lover of the breed.  Stay tuned as plans are well underway for our Lunch and Learn event at the Old Yarmouth Inn on Cape Cod.  The event is planned for October and we are hoping our members will take advantage of the Dog "free" educational event.  The attendance will be limited so watch for announcements for tickets to go on sale in September.

June 2013
We are gearing up for a Great 2013/14 Club year.  All the Board members have taken some time out of there busy schedules to reach out to members and past members via phone and email to ask what you would like to see new and different with the club and to encourage you to renew for the upcoming year.  We are making progress toward a Fall Club Meeting of members. This will involve a lunch and learn type format, with a Guest Speaker, on issues related to Vizslas and or dogs in General.  We have also posted some upcoming events in August & September.  We discussed encouraging members to post your local dog "runs" or "meet ups" on the Fans of the Vizsla Club of Central New England so that we can get together in more local areas.  Our club territory is so large that often members have felt left out of events.  So posting these small meet ups will help fellow club members get together to network.  PLEASE PLEASE contact any of our Board Members if you have possible ideas for club Event, Fun Days etc.

May 2013
The Board met on May 7th and had ongoing discussions on gearing up for the Membership Drive.  Just a reminder to current, past and future members that your renewal is due no later than June 30, 2013 so please go to the Membership page to join or renew.  We also discussed the possiblilty of having a Lunch & Learn event, where we would find a location to have a Luncheon(dog free) and have someone come to speak on a topic either related to Vizslas directly or dogs in general.  We would welcome anyones thoughts, opinions or ideas on that. You can go to the Contacts page and email one of the Board Members or use the Contact Us button above.

April 2013
The Board teleconferenced again last night to discuss an upcoming Membership Drive and what new ideas we can bring to the club this year.  We have begun to add Events to the our club Calendar so we encourage you to check them out.  Our goal is to have more involvement of the membership so you can get more Bang for your Buck.  We are committed to the club making a Vital comeback over the next couple years and welcome Member input via email or our Guestbook.

March 2013
The Board is meeting Sunday March 24th for the second time to continue discussing and developing the calendar of events for the club.  Also will be discussing status of Rescue, membership issues and benefits and budgeting for the year.  We will keep you posted on this page as the year goes on.  The Board members welcome all Members input so feel free to Contact Us if you have suggestions, questions, events that the club may want to promote or participate in or just general comments.  We want to make the club more Vital in 2013.

February 2013
We have added "Contact Us" buttons to several pages of this site to facilitate more open communications for the Members.  So on this page if you have questions about events or want to request an event be added please use the Contact Us button and your request will be forwarded to the appropriate person.  Rescue and Membership pages will also have there own buttons so please try to make your inquiry on the appropriate page.

We also have supplemented our Facebook presence with our Recently started Member page on Facebook. This will be geared toward club communications for events, runs, rescue, News etc.  While we still have the Fans of the Vizsla Club of Central New England page for, stories, pictures, advice, concerns about V's in general.  Please visit both when you are on Facebook.

January 2013
         We now have the capability to update our website as needed from within the club.  This means that Rescue, Membership, Events and News and Updates should be more current with the activities of the club.  We are beginning to develop the 2013 calendar of events, so keep checking back for upcoming activites and information.

December 2012
        The new Board met in December to discuss initial plans for revitalizing the club.  The first priority was to   re-establish the hosting of the website from within the club in order to have more up to date information for our club members currently and future members.

October 2012

       The new Board Members have been elected.  See the Contacts page for the list of new 
       Officers and Board of Directors.

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