The goal of Vizsla Rescue is to unite Vizslas needing new homes to caring and appropriate new owners. Through extraordinary efforts to retrieve Vizslas in bad homes or situations where an owner can no longer keep a loved dog, the Vizsla Rescue program is a facet of the VCA that touches everyone who loves the breed. 

A "Rescue" is a Vizsla from various types of shelters, owners no longer able to take care for their dog(s), strays or abandoned. It is recognized and accepted that most Rescue Vizslas will be without registration papers. Establishing the "Purebred" nature of the "Rescue" will be done through evaluation by a member of the area club directly involved with each rescue. 

​VCCNE Rescue is run entirely by volunteers who have full time jobs and lives outside of Rescue. We do our very best to respond in a timely fashion, but often we are not only juggling our own lives but also multiple Rescue cases and numerous applications coming in at once. 

We have very good success placing our dogs in their forever homes. However, to do this well, the process is not an instant one. Our goal is to make the right match for both the dog and the owner. Vizslas are individuals in spite of many shared breed characteristics. Finding an appropriate dog for your family can take weeks to months to years depending on your stated criteria for adoption and the dogs we have available. Willingness to consider adopting a mature dog will substantially shorten your waiting time. 

If you do not receive a response immediately, please do not assume that this means we are not interested. Rather, please communicate to us any time constraints you have, or just check back in if you become concerned that you have not heard back from us. 

You may be contacted to set up a visit to your home by one of our volunteers. This may occur when we have available dogs or it may be arranged ahead of time in preparation for the dogs we know will come eventually.
Most importantly, thank you for your support of Rescue Vizslas!

If you are interested in pursuing a "Rescue" or if you are interested in helping with the Rescue Program in your area, contact Nancy Tarbox.  If you are interested in adopting a Rescue please go to the link above or click here to fill out your application.

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We seldom post available dogs on our website because we have a list of approved adopters waiting, and we are often able to place rescues quickly. If you are interested in adopting a rescue vizsla, please fill out an application (above) and get on our list so we can contact you as soon as a dog that matches your needs and theirs becomes available.

Thanks for rescuing vizslas with VCCNE!​
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