Chestnut has a new nickname - Buddy. Every one who meets him immediately calls him that. He has the sweetest personality and loves to cuddle up on the couch. He loves to play and go on long walks. He must have springs in his pads judging on how he runs and jumps. My kids love him almost as much as he loves them. He joins in their games and has already been the dress up subject, but I think he likes it. We are so happy to have him as part of our lives. He is an all around love. - Samantha 


Clementine is a special girl who has found a special home. Clem suffers from severe thunder phobia and separation anxiety. Her previous owners were not able to keep her from injuring herself during her anxiety attacks. Luckily Clem has found a new home where her anxiety is being handled and treated in a more effective manner. Her new Vizsla brothers also help to comfort Clementine. Thank you Susan and John for giving Clementine a chance at happiness. 


I just thought I would send a photo of Chance and Riley. Sorry Chance is not looking at the camera – for some reason he is very camera shy (we think somebody scared him with a flash at some point in his past). Riley is doing well. He met our vet yesterday and was a real trooper! We got some meds for his loose stool issue (no parasites), and a microchip for his lifetime license here in PA. No major issues other than that. 

He and Chance are playing well together. So far the only aggression he has shown has been to put Chance in his place if he gets rough, or too personal in play. Chance just backs off and is submissive when this happens. So I think Riley is going to be the boss between the two of them, which given Chance's size advantage is a good thing. 

We learned Riley really likes to chew up any plastic/rubber toy into little pieces if possible (almost like a puppy), he’s gone through a tug toy and a nylabone so far. So he is stuck with the hard stuff like the tennis balls and kongs at this point, unless supervised. He is very good at toss and retrieve games. His sit-stay is getting much better. We work on that daily. And, he knows how to roll-over on command. His hearing is kind of like that of an elderly person. He hears loud, deep commands well. He does not respond well to light quiet tones unless he is looking right at you. I am including hand signals in training, and found that he does not jump up at me when I call, if I keep the “come” hand signal low on my body. So we have not had a lot of jumping up behavior. 

He was a bit shy with strangers at the vet yesterday, but everyone there was very patient and cautious with him. We are taking him on some car rides just so he knows he is always coming back home to our house now after rides. 
The main thing we have to say is Riley is a really, really, sweet dog, and just eats up attention. As with most of our rescues, we can’t figure out how anyone could give him up. It must have been a tough decision. Thanks for all your help! 


Here's a picture of Ginger at the beach with her Mom, Cathy, and her buddy, Oliver. Ginger is a lucky girl! who was given a second chance for a happy life!!


Lucy was surrendered by a family that was moving and felt that taking Lucy with them was too difficult. She fostered in MA where her foster parents worked through some issues such as wariness of strangers and intolerance of handling. Lucy learned to play with her foster brother and loved going for long off leash runs! She was adopted by a very Vizsla savvy/ training knowledgeable couple in MA. She now lives with her new Vizsla brother (also a Rescue) and is doing fantastic in a structured, nurturing environment. She has lost weight and looks like a pretty little lady again! 


Sasha was surrendered to Rescue due to a family crisis. After fostering in CT she was placed into a home in MA. After a bit of a rocky start (Sasha developed some separation anxiety) she is now happy to lounge on the couch while her people are away and loves the walks and running she gets when they are home! Though Sasha originally lived with two other Vizslas she has decided that she prefers to be an "only dog" now. She is happy being the center of attention with her new Mom and Dad! What a love!


Hunter was surrendered by a family that was unable to meet his exercise needs. Hunter is a sweet boy and is being loved by his new family in NH. They're more than happy to include Hunter in all their activities and Hunter is thriving! 


Penny was surrendered by a family that was unable to give her enough attention and exercise. Her new 'Mom and Dad' in VT definitely have their hands full with Penny! But long hikes, bike rides and lots of training have turned Ms Penny into a loving companion! She's a lucky dog and her family feels just as lucky!! 


Jaeger was purchased at a pet store by a young guy who didn't have the time to exercise or educate a Vizsla puppy. Jaeger was surrendered by the family at 10 months of age. After fostering in NH he was adopted by a very active family in MA. Now Jaeger goes for runs, hikes and swims regularly and has two doggie siblings! He is a happy boy! 


Titan was surrendered to Rescue by a young family that was simply overwhelmed by the needs a Vizsla puppy! His new Mom and Dad in MA love his energy and inquisitiveness! Titan has a new Vizsla brother to help tire him out too and is getting the time and training he needs!


Hope was surrendered due to a family crisis. After fostering in MA where she learned to feel more comfortable with new people and places, Hope was adopted by a family in MA. She has a new Vizsla brother and two kitties to play with!. Her new name is Eva! (see Hope below with foster Mom on a hiking trip).


Monty was surrendered due to a family crisis. After a short foster in VT he is being loved and spoiled by his new family in CT. He has two new Vizsla sisters! 


Sienna enjoys the good life in her new home! Oh yeah - she's got the frisbee! She is loved by her new V sister, Brandi, her new human sister Kennedy and Tom and Traci in NH.


Things are going great!! We could not have found a more perfect match! Ozzie is sweet, gentle, and loving dog! If I could imagine everything I would want in a dog, it would be Ozzie. He plays and interacts with us. He walks beautifully on leash and we didn't have to train him on the fence because he stays right with us. He is awesome with our three year old and yet will play with my thirteen year old. He loves to snuggle and stay right at your side. He is very mellow and has the best manners. The owners had done a great job of correcting him. He also gets along fine with our pug. 
Ozzie is a bit over weight and has had very little exercise. We are very active so it is new for him to be out so much. It has been almost two weeks and he has already lost some weight. He also had some terrible skin problems that are responding well to good food and flax oil. He is changing before our eyes. 
Grondin Family


These are photos from Steve and Carol Matheke. The Matheke's grown children, having been raised with Vizslas, now have V pups of their own. After having Vizslas for 30 some odd years the Mathekes decided to get their next dog through Rescue. They adopted a young female named Willow who had been surrendered along with her brother due to an illness in the family. They have worked through Willow's initial wariness of men and her separation anxiety. Willow is one lucky dog! 

Copyright 2013, VCCNE.  All Rights Reserved.


I love this picture of her.  I need to tell you- she is so cleaver! She knows how to open her crate as well as most of the doors in the house.  She is our princess and has "the boys" well under control.  She loves to snuggle in front of a good basketball game on TV but but she is tireless once we get her going.  I know that she is ready for spring...the warmer it gets the more she want to be outside playing with Bo!  Her birding sense is so strong-no chickadee is safe when she is outside.  She has adjusted to the idea of having guests in the house - she welcomes them and behaves beautifully.  She is in obedience training and we hope to do rally-o this summer.  She is a delight and we are very happy to have her join our little family.  I'll send more pictures if you want.

Nancy S.


This energetic six year old was rescued by Cheryl & Charlie and joined his adopted sister Maple.  Timber loves going to the Woodsom Farm in Amesbury, to run chasing birds and playing with all the other dogs.  He enjoys a swim in the river there.  His most favorite thing was snuggling with his people and you always knew you were his buddy if he laid upside down on your lap for a good snooze.  


Upstate New York is no place for a dog, especially a breed that lacks  an undercoat and thrives on human companionship.  Yet that is exactly where a lost female vizsla named Brownie Baby spent the past few years - freezing, scrounging for food, birthing pups - and running.

A few kind hands stepped in to feed the flighty canine and eventually earned her trust enough to capture her.  From there, Brownie Baby found herself in a state-of-the-art vet clinic where all of her physical needs were taken care of before she was sent to live with Lesli Hyland, a qualified foster home mom appointed by the VCCNE.  After spending a month with Lesli learning how vizslas were meant to live, she was renamed Meadow and put up for adoption.

Through a combined effort between the VCCNE and the Vizsla Club of Long Island (VCLI), Meadow was placed with her forever family and is now living on Long Island with her two canine siblings, Toby and Leah, three feline friends, and her 'parents,' Donna and Nick.  With a permanent roof finally in place, Meadow is fully enjoying the comforts of home, along with large doses of patience, guidance, and love.


In her previous home, Marli was under exercised and spent a fair amount of time locked up in the cellar.  Click here to watch Marli express her joy in her YouTube basement-to-beach video.  This is what Rescue is all about.


Hey, my name is Merc and last summer I was helped by the great people at VCCNE Rescue in finding a new home.  I moved in with Jeff and Dave who had recently lost their male Vizsla Jessie after 12+ years; their other V, Lucy was lonely.  As an older dog myself, I fit right in with Lucy though it was obvious that she was frail. Shortly after my arrival she went in for minor surgery but never came home.  That was a sad day and we all miss her, as I know Jeff and Dave still miss Jessie. 

So I had a big job to do, filling the large void left by them, but it was easy. I was starved for affection and enjoyed acting out to get their attention. Fairly quickly though, I did remember all the good behavior rules I was taught and settled in to a great life on this 10 acre farm with a large house, fields, woods and even a small river.   

Eventually a Lab/Aussie rescue name Max joined me once a week for playtime. He was a young pup and I had a lot to teach him.  Though he is nine years younger than me, we play well together and I can keep up with him.  We like to wrestle and I have showed him how to flush turkeys and point at rabbits.  We both love to dig, but he is more comfortable playing in the cold river than I am.

Around Christmas Jeff and Dave mentioned that maybe it was time to add another Vizsla and we all started looking at the VCCNE Rescue site for another addition.  In early February Honey joined us.  Though she was around my age, she had had a harder life. Very frail, partially blind and deaf, she weighed in at less than 30 pounds; though her transporter said she was originally found at a shelter weighing less than 25.  
Since then, Honey has responded well to her new environment, gaining about 15 pounds and even some of her hearing and eyesight back.  She now plays with me and Max and helps us chase the chipmunks and squirrels away from the house.  She kind of has taken over and frequently eats any food I leave behind, so I now eat my meals as quickly as possible. She is a very sweet addition though she still never says a word.

So all is well here in western Mass and we hope that there will be a VCCNE Social soon so we can personally thank all of you who helped Honey and I find a new life.  This picture is our latest taken April 26, 2010.  I’m the handsome devil on the left – thanks again to all.  Lots of kisses, Merc!  


Congratulations to Al and Ursula on the recent adoption of Rudi! 

Rudi came into Rescue due to issues adjusting to the new babies in his family.  He is a YOUNG 9 year old with plenty of energy and he simply couldn't tolerate the limited time and exercise his expanding human family could give him.  Rudi had developed some rude attention-seeking behaviors, but with consistent exercise and plenty of attention for good behavior Rudi is settling down nicely.  Hiking, fetching and swimming are a way of life now.  He is a lucky dog! 


We set out looking for a companion to our then 2yr old vizsla, Lucie, a little over a year ago.  Since we knew there are many adorable dogs out there that need homes, we decided against of going down the puppy route again.  We contacted the VCCNE and after being approved to adopt we were excited when a Vizsla became available for adoption right away.  We were all set to adopt him but the owners backed out.  We were heartbroken.

A week or so later a few more Vizslas became available for adoption and we had our pick.  We chose Vizzy.  It is astonishing we adopted our Vizzy only a year ago.  He has fit in with our family so well that it is hard to imagine that he hasn't always been with us.  Lucie and Vizzy are inseperable, except when Vizzy allows us to sleep in our bed andd Lucie lets our daughter sleep in hers.

Vizzy is our 'big-galumph' who loves treats, butt scratches, watching TV, snuggling and his family.  He is a never-ending source of amusement and has taken to watching TV as of late.  Sometimes it is more entertaining to watch him watching television than to watch the television itself.  We knew we had a first-rate couch-potato on our hands when he began coming into the other room to get us to change the channel for him.

Thank you so much VCCNE for our favorite boy, Vizzy.


“Big” Bella was adopted by the Harrison/Thomas household in Albany, NY, in November 2009. When 7-year-old Bella came to VCCNE in August, she was about 30 lbs. overweight from an over-indulgent lifestyle. Bella also has a history of dermatitis that had been continuously treated with various medications. She fostered with Nancy Tarbox for about 2 months before she arrived in Albany. Between our two households, Bella has dropped 24 lbs so far, and still counting. Bella is off all medications. She’s been eating a controlled and simplified, healthy diet, and she’s getting lots of exercise with her step-sister, Tessa, our 3-year-old Vizsla, and step-brother Aslan, our 1-1/2 year-old rescue manx cat who thinks he’s a Vizsla. It’s been great fun seeing Bella’s energy and overall health improve as she gets lighter and stronger. In fact, it is not uncommon for her to now have all four paws off the floor when she jumps up and down to greet us.

Bella had some resource-guarding issues, but she’s making tremendous progress. We are working on an elimination diet to try to isolate the specific causes of the dermatitis she is prone to. Frequent bathing seems to be a great help. Bella was afraid of the water stream in our tub and shower when she first joined our family. We made a daily inviting game with the shower head, and now Bella steps into the shower with us every morning. Bella was well-socialized when she got here, which made it very easy for her to join our large group of friends at the dog park. She likes to play tug, chase other dogs, play catch, and play keep-away. She’s a big teaser. Everyone at the dog park loves Bella. She also enjoys frequent leash trots. (They used to be shuffles, then walks, now trots, as she’s been picking up the pace.)

Bella has adjusted very well to our home here. If you didn’t know better, you would t
hink Bella and Tessa had been together since they were puppies. 

Merc & Honey